Time Tonus

TimeTonus is a unique formula of optimum nutrients uses the powerful processes of antioxidants, vitamins and mineral to slow the appearance of aging.

  • Improve collagen levels
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin hydration
  • Maintain healthy skin


Collagen (150 mg)

Collagen is the highest occurring and one of the most vital proteins in the body. It functions to repair cells and improve the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. Collagen can also boost hair growth. It may protect against cognitive decline by decreasing the risk of brain cell degeneration.

Vitamin A (2500 IU)

Beta carotene is found in fruits and vegetables such as carrots, peas and broccoli. Also known as Vitamin A, it is an antioxidant protecting the body from damage. Its oxidative properties can reduce signs of skin aging and can suppress cognitive decline. Beta carotene can also promote healthy eye function and hair growth.

Vitamin C (120 mg)

Vitamin C is commonly found in fruits and vegetables such as cantaloupe, berries and tomatoes. It can reduce aging effects such as skin wrinkles and dryness. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps in the repair of tissues and formation of collagen. It can prevent aging effects of the skin and promote general health.

Vitamin E (30 IU)

Vitamin E is a naturally occurring vitamin found in healthy food sources. It can have positive effects on the brain and nervous system. Vitamin E can promote skin health by preventing aging effects. It is an antioxidant that can improve general health.

Niacinamide (40 mg)

Niacinamide is an essential nutrient found in animal proteins, nuts and avocados. It is also known as Vitamin B3 and has antioxidant properties that can improve health. Niacinamide supports health, function and appearance of skin. It can also have positive effects on brain health and can increase memory and general mood.

Resveratrol (10 mg)

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in the red grapes, berries and peanuts. It is a natural antioxidant and can improve general health. Resveratrol can decrease damage from free radicals in the body. It can also protect against cardiovascular diseases.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (300 mg)

Alpha lipoic acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant. It is found in whole foods and can improve energy levels. Alpha lipoic acid can protect the brain from cognitive decline. It can also protect against diseases relating to the aging process and improve general health.

Aloe Vera Leaf (200 mg)

Aloe vera leaf has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries. It contains acemannan, a complex carbohydrate that helps cells receive nutrition and nourishment. Aloe vera leaf can also help relieve cells of waste that could have aging effects. It can have positive effects on skin, hair and digestive health.

Green Tea Leaf (100 mg)

Green tea leaf extract has been used in holistic medicine to improve health. It contains polyphenols that protect cells from the damaging effects of radicals. Green tea leaf extract is an antioxidant that decreases the effects of aging on the skin, hair and brain. It can also promote weight loss and increase energy levels.

Grape Seed (100 mg)

Grape seed extract is found in the seeds of red wine grapes. It has positive effects on cardiovascular health, improving blood flow and decreasing cholesterol levels. Grape seed extract is an antioxidant that protects cells from damage and diseases. It can improve overall skin health and appearance.

Green Coffee Bean (100 mg)

Green coffee bean extract is found in the Coffee fruits of raw coffee beans. It is an antioxidant containing chlorogenic acid, known to improve metabolism and stimulate detoxification of waste. Green coffee bean extract can improve skin and hair health and as well as appearance. It can also increase energy levels and improve blood circulation.

Hyaluronic Acid (5 mg)

Hyaluronic is a naturally occurring acid in the body. It is known to potentially decrease signs of aging, specifically in the skin. Hyaluronic acid can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also an essential substance in the eyes and joints.

L-Glycine (100 mg)

L-glycine is an amino acid primarily found in high protein food sources. It is one of the main components of collagen, making it a necessary substance for optimum skin health. L-glycine can improve cognitive function and performance. It can also improve moods and digestion.

L-Gluthathione (20 mg)

L-gluthathione is an antioxidant naturally found in the body. It can reduce the damage caused by free radicals that cause skin to age. L-gluthathione can improve skin health and remove heavy toxins from cells. It can also increase cognitive function, liver health and boost the immune system.

Turmeric (50 mg)

Turmeric is native to India and has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. It contains curcumin, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance. Turmeric can improve skin health and prevent damaging aging effects. It can also boost brain function and lower the risk of neural diseases.

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